Guild Information

Quem Ta Loko

Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Imensity Carniphilaa442 Elder Druid
a Vice-Leader Aeros132 Master Sorcerer
Bargas Trapezera332 Royal Paladin
Ghostzin174 Elder Druid
Sado Knight305 Elite Knight
a Member Adeilson Boo101 Elite Knight
Aeros Tank242 Elite Knight
Alnk275 Royal Paladin
Armss359 Royal Paladin
Bargas228 Elder Druid
Direiteiro71 Elite Knight
Dona Maria215 Master Sorcerer
Doy Wojonwik260 Elder Druid
Emjaoado191 Royal Paladin
Enzo Valentina266 Elder Druid
Iluszionista264 Elder Druid
Inocentezinho132 Master Sorcerer
Jaumzera311 Master Sorcerer
Kicksz145 Master Sorcerer
King Galo100 Elder Druid
Moisatj189 Master Sorcerer
Pai Do Tuza281 Royal Paladin
Reednalz154 Master Sorcerer
Royalz65 Paladin
Sarredes Aegypt121 Royal Paladin
Sou Ed110 Elder Druid
Big Old

Members Online 0 out of 26
Highest Level Imensity Carniphilaa (442)
Average Level 210
Lowest Level Royalz (65)
Total Level 5465

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.