Guild Information

Nothing Will Be Forgotten

Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Hellforged Char253 Elder Druid
a Member Betto Power Shot192 Royal Paladin
Bolso Guedes Moro94 Master Sorcerer
Bosmak194 Elite Knight
Clubmaster223 Elite Knight
Concep193 Elite Knight
Deputado Federal208 Royal Paladin
Felipe Atacador Sd192 Master Sorcerer
Fullsio CharloveOnline 112 Elder Druid
Gangster Bomb135 Master Sorcerer
Guerreiro Vermelho127 Elite Knight
Julinho Da Van124 Royal Paladin
Kaiizera204 Master Sorcerer
Le Bron Week175 Royal Paladin
Rezengod92 Elder Druid
SarutobiOnline 156 Royal Paladin
Seu Der212 Master Sorcerer
Severus163 Master Sorcerer

Members Online 2 out of 18
Highest Level Hellforged Char (253)
Average Level 169
Lowest Level Rezengod (92)
Total Level 3049

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.