Guild Information

Money Guild

Guild baseada em farmar gold, fazer quests e upar level juntos. Discord

Rank: Name: Level:
Owner Larppe155 Master Sorcerer
Proletarian Aiorius119 Master Sorcerer
Brunao Macabro163 Royal Paladin
Energy Addicted214 Master Sorcerer
Eurythmics219 Royal Paladin
Khurvamath Ino154 Royal Paladin
Kina Clandestino172 Elite Knight
King Sama142 Royal Paladin
Marmininu160 Elite Knight
Minaloko121 Royal Paladin
Pakata210 Elite Knight
Sturt Little202 Royal Paladin
Tenebris144 Royal Paladin
The Beast150 Master Sorcerer
Thes Maggie110 Royal Paladin
Warbringuer171 Master Sorcerer
Zavacrime209 Royal Paladin

Members Online 0 out of 17
Highest Level Eurythmics (219)
Average Level 165
Lowest Level Thes Maggie (110)
Total Level 2815

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.