Guild Information


Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Kyref (Edy Lemond)304 Elite Knight
a Vice-Leader Chitao201 Royal Paladin
Druid Oasis232 Elder Druid
Laxus Dreyar202 Master Sorcerer
Metilombra206 Royal Paladin
Legionario Absol (Edy Lemond)183 Elite Knight
Dodagodino209 Elder Druid
Edy Leemond252 Royal Paladin
Guilherme TellOnline 231 Royal Paladin

No invitations.

Members Online 1 out of 9
Highest Level Kyref (304)
Average Level 224
Lowest Level Absol (183)
Total Level 2020

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.