Guild Information

Legacy Of Honor

Guild neutra, nóis é da paz. Quest, hunt e amizade.
-= Deixa os garoto brincar. =-

Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Phezys123 Royal Paladin
a Vice-Leader Dark Thoreds84 Elder Druid
Lilith151 Elite Knight
a Member Canarinho Pistola107 Elite Knight
Duke The Duck111 Master Sorcerer
Folkz126 Elite Knight
Haitrizz104 Master Sorcerer
Luisy126 Elite Knight
Papa Francisco92 Elite Knight
Raz Stormborn123 Elder Druid
Seawolf179 Elder Druid
Sexy Girl112 Royal Paladin
Supoko76 Elder Druid
Ximira98 Master Sorcerer

Members Online 0 out of 14
Highest Level Seawolf (179)
Average Level 115
Lowest Level Supoko (76)
Total Level 1612

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.