Guild Information

Irmaos De Sangue

Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Benkroz215 Elite Knight
a Member Akio193 Elite Knight
Atoloenti191 Royal Paladin
Bastille82 Elite Knight
Churumelo140 Elite Knight
Druber70 Knight
Erva Magica162 Royal Paladin
Gornork96 Elite Knight
In Signo136 Elite Knight
Infernal Zyron202 Royal Paladin
Josegyn Kina142 Elite Knight
Lord Armagedom101 Elite Knight
Mage Hif65 Druid
Marijhuana121 Master Sorcerer
Necata215 Royal Paladin
Necronx Vis121 Master Sorcerer
Nocturnal Evil211 Royal Paladin
Piruibi143 Master Sorcerer
Pkzero128 Elite Knight
Rayzadinguer94 Master Sorcerer
Refem Da Mulher141 Royal Paladin
Sanin Helzing101 Druid
Sewin81 Royal Paladin
Sir Falcon145 Royal Paladin
Sir Tks178 Elder Druid
Skyzz204 Royal Paladin
Sr Hancock159 Elite Knight
Sra Smart123 Elder Druid
Xineis Cyclonado196 Master Sorcerer

No invitations.

Members Online 0 out of 29
Highest Level Benkroz (215)
Average Level 143
Lowest Level Mage Hif (65)
Total Level 4156

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.