Guild Information

Hard Walking

Guild neutral, just for friends

Rank: Name: Level:
Leader Mage Of Trance98 Elder Druid
Team Beloshot220 Royal Paladin
Bicho Grilo240 Elite Knight
Ciro Pantera257 Elder Druid
Cruixcredo224 Master Sorcerer
Dimazzit167 Elder Druid
Dolly Guarana130 Royal Paladin
Kraathos139 Elder Druid
Kukarakatua105 Royal Paladin
Wormdragon156 Elder Druid
Zanie Kingin225 Elder Druid
Zanie On Globale257 Elite Knight

Members Online 0 out of 12
Highest Level Ciro Pantera (257)
Average Level 184
Lowest Level Mage Of Trance (98)
Total Level 2218

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.