Guild Information

Gring Os

Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Duende Verde292 Elder Druid
a Vice-Leader Ashy (Watafackk)284 Royal Paladin
a Member Ashkensito193 Elder Druid
Dalorian182 Master Sorcerer
Elcharlyw228 Master Sorcerer
Fergus Macleod286 Elder Druid
Jayzinho209 Elder Druid
King Sange257 Elite Knight
King Stash113 Master Sorcerer
Maresia Nohands306 Elder Druid
Mighty Falcon240 Elder Druid
Ozzi Chilean Fighter223 Elder Druid
Raiskov233 Royal Paladin
Retro Zivaking240 Elder Druid
Rey Hendan214 Elder Druid
Sange Killyounoob162 Elder Druid
Severo Snape209 Royal Paladin
Tepenetro196 Master Sorcerer
Wiwii Rusher159 Elder Druid

Members Online 0 out of 19
Highest Level Maresia Nohands (306)
Average Level 222
Lowest Level King Stash (113)
Total Level 4226

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.