Guild Information

Blinked Died

Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Espartano Trevor179 Royal Paladin
a Member Aries Lord68 Druid
Don Negronee214 Master Sorcerer
Feitan Portor125 Royal Paladin
Fuel Tech100 Elite Knight
Gandalf Death118 Master Sorcerer
Gyda116 Elite Knight
Majin171 Royal Paladin
Majorxr174 Elite Knight
Micoco135 Master Sorcerer
Punkig230 Elite Knight
Raulzeira128 Royal Paladin
Rollo Lothbrok124 Elite Knight
Trevorror145 Elder Druid

Members Online 0 out of 14
Highest Level Punkig (230)
Average Level 144
Lowest Level Aries Lord (68)
Total Level 2027

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.