Guild Information

Attack On Three

Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Brunouul260 Elite Knight
a Vice-Leader Axecutioner183 Elite Knight
Birila Brabo148 Royal Paladin
a Member Amoxicilina159 Master Sorcerer
Bryan Del Crimen244 Elder Druid
Dead Fish133 Master Sorcerer
Guidania181 Elder Druid
Lipiec185 Elder Druid
Lipos297 Elder Druid
Mago Zedox290 Master Sorcerer
Mina Quincy147 Royal Paladin
Mrrjack161 Master Sorcerer
Ninfo165 Elder Druid
Obi Kin139 Master Sorcerer
On Three143 Elite Knight
Revolktz245 Royal Paladin
Segura Sd Nacara221 Elder Druid
Tarum Ted129 Elder Druid
Vucvuc Ehogolpe182 Master Sorcerer
Zorle The Paralyzer154 Elder Druid
Dy Delicinha

Members Online 0 out of 20
Highest Level Lipos (297)
Average Level 188
Lowest Level Tarum Ted (129)
Total Level 3766

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.