Guild Information

As Fark

Rank: Name: Level:
Lider KinazitaOnline 143 Elite Knight
Membros Alemonstro78 Druid
Dale Sio152 Elder Druid
Death Sorcerer80 Master Sorcerer
Geforce Hd142 Master Sorcerer
Jelinuir115 Master Sorcerer
KenwayOnline 109 Elite Knight
Lipeshow130 Elder Druid
Mielkesz145 Elder Druid
Myphost119 Royal Paladin
Pe Xuju150 Elite Knight
The Asshole163 Master Sorcerer

Members Online 2 out of 12
Highest Level The Asshole (163)
Average Level 127
Lowest Level Alemonstro (78)
Total Level 1526

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.