Guild Information


Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Ronaldo Daaula173 Master Sorcerer
a Vice-Leader Faabiinn Daaula123 Elder Druid
Viniciusz66 Elder Druid
a Member Davino152 Royal Paladin
Desiquilibrada102 Royal Paladin
Dildo Na Cona145 Elder Druid
Ivo Zss105 Master Sorcerer
Junior Rots128 Elder Druid
Kbutrimon145 Master Sorcerer
Leviata99 Elder Druid
Luar Omrac59 Paladin
Luarzinho121 Master Sorcerer
Luizin Daaula60 Sorcerer
Mylesz113 Elite Knight
Oraculo84 Paladin
Overminada108 Master Sorcerer
Ryujin151 Royal Paladin
The Carmo Daaula53 Druid
Valeria Regina151 Elder Druid

Members Online 0 out of 19
Highest Level Ronaldo Daaula (173)
Average Level 112
Lowest Level The Carmo Daaula (53)
Total Level 2138

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.