Character profile of Sd Tchau

Name: Sd Tchau
Sex: Male
Level: 146
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Achievement Points: 35
Achievement Rank: None
Last Login: 10 May 2019, 01:10 → 10 May 2019, 01:15
Residence: Roshamuul
Created at: 25 Jun 2018, 14:33
Account Status: Free Premium Account


Name Show all Grade Points
Annihilator 5
Beneath the Sea 3
Friend of the Apes 4
Make a Wish 1
Marid Ally 3
Natural Born Cowboy 1
Number of the Beast 2
Prison Break 8
Recognised Trader 3
Seasoned Adventurer 1
Si, Ariki! 1
Snowbunny 2
Something's in There 1

Death list

Date Details Show all
09 May 2019, 00:16Killed at level 147 by a minion of gaz'haragoth Last Hit
and gaz'haragoth Most damage
Lancador and others.Involved
06 May 2019, 19:19Killed at level 148 by Coronel Rudd Last Hit
Caio Simpatia, and others.Involved
14 Apr 2019, 18:51Killed at level 149 by Death Master Last Hit
spox, medley rullez, Dawgmau, and others.Involved
02 Apr 2019, 21:04Killed at level 149 by Olkaida Last Hit
and by Dark Oushmaster Most damage
Btsmage, and others.Involved
02 Apr 2019, 20:31Killed at level 150 by Clareamentoanal Last Hit Unjustified
and by Lukkos Silome Most damage Unjustified
Fritz and others.Involved
02 Apr 2019, 20:29Killed at level 151 by Nyk Agnes Last Hit Unjustified
and by Amonas Most damage Unjustified
Honored and others.Involved
26 Mar 2019, 22:23Killed at level 152 by Rayon Isback Last Hit
and by Kamikaze Lokkiz Most damage
Zastrov, and others.Involved
23 Mar 2019, 14:10Killed at level 153 by Koe Renan Last Hit
and by Rookslayer Douggsz Most damage
Rayon Isback, and others.Involved
18 Mar 2019, 22:30Killed at level 154 by Fulga Alucinada Last Hit
and by Augusto Tiroteio Most damage
Mano Hard, and others.Involved
07 Mar 2019, 20:35Killed at level 154 by a retching horror Last Hit
Sd Tchau, and others.Involved

Characters list

Characters Status
1. Gran Tchau
2. Bolt Tchau