Character profile of Mickanauser

Name: Mickanauser
Sex: Female
Level: 128
Vocation: Elite Knight
Achievement Points: 9
Achievement Rank: None
Last Login: 26 Aug 2018, 16:53 → 26 Aug 2018, 16:53
Residence: Carlin
Created at: 10 Jul 2018, 22:26
Account Status: Free Premium Account


Name Show all Grade Points
Annihilator 5
Lucky Horseshoe 1
Natural Born Cowboy 1
Seasoned Adventurer 1
Si, Ariki! 1

Death list

Date Details Show all
08 Aug 2018, 19:44Killed at level 129 by Matthz Neorozy Last Hit Unjustified
Lord Voldemort, and others.Involved
31 Jul 2018, 22:05Killed at level 130 by a waspoid Last Hit
ladybug, kollos, spitter, Involved
24 Jul 2018, 15:13Killed at level 121 by Mikito El Chavo Last Hit
pro kurwa, rondelli esmaga, Involved
24 Jul 2018, 14:48Killed at level 122 by a kollos Last Hit
and by Del Madarinha Most damage
Palla and others.Involved
24 Jul 2018, 14:05Killed at level 120 by a crawler Last Hit
and a spitter Most damage
waspoid, spitter, swarmer.Involved
20 Jul 2018, 15:53Killed at level 114 by Ridick Last Hit
and by Debbie Loide Most damage
Zeh Kalango, and others.Involved
19 Jul 2018, 17:39Killed at level 104 by Matox Lawz Last Hit
Murderer, and others.Involved
19 Jul 2018, 16:22Killed at level 102 by a vile grandmaster Last Hit
and by Zeh Kalango Most damage
renegade knight, hero, vicious squire.Involved
13 Jul 2018, 13:52Killed at level 83 by a war golem Last Hit
13 Jul 2018, 01:00Killed at level 75 by a war golem Last Hit
Marcussz, and others.Involved

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1. Nohlu Ognalak
2. Ognalak Led