Character profile of Maome

Name: Maome
Sex: Male
Level: 148
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Time Reserva of Quem Traiu Pagou
Achievement Points: 24
Achievement Rank: None
Last Login: 07 Jun 2019, 23:37 → 07 Jun 2019, 23:37
Residence: Roshamuul
Created at: 23 Jun 2018, 18:34
Account Status: Free Premium Account


Name Show all Grade Points
Annihilator 5
Aristocrat 4
Lucky Horseshoe 1
Marid Ally 3
Natural Born Cowboy 1
Safely Stored Away 2
Seasoned Adventurer 1
Secret Agent 1
Snowbunny 2
Top CGB Agent 4

Death list

Date Details Show all
09 May 2019, 22:15Killed at level 150 by an energy elemental Last Hit
and a hellhound Most damage
hellhound, betrayed wraith, nightmare, retching horror, dark and others.Involved
08 May 2019, 23:23Killed at level 151 by a dark torturer Last Hit
and a silencer Most damage
frazzlemaw, guzzlemaw, silencer, betrayed wraith, plaguesmith, and others.Involved
08 May 2019, 23:14Killed at level 151 by Makiny Lovexp Last Hit Unjustified
and by Lancador De Bolts Most damage Unjustified
gamabunta, Sorcerito, and others.Involved
08 May 2019, 23:10Killed at level 152 by a frazzlemaw Last Hit
and a retching horror Most damage
guzzlemaw, choking fear, silencer, retching horror.Involved
08 May 2019, 23:09Killed at level 153 by a juggernaut Last Hit
Maome, guzzlemaw, and others.Involved
02 Feb 2019, 13:34Killed at level 153 by Killerbr Last Hit Unjustified
17 Nov 2018, 17:47Killed at level 154 by Abra Cadabre Last Hit
and by Crowny Most damage
Vitao, fire and others.Involved
17 Nov 2018, 15:54Killed at level 155 by Don Banguela Last Hit
Vitao, Involved
22 Oct 2018, 21:47Killed at level 156 by Uncle Olaff Last Hit
and by Shades Most damage
Naomi Capeli, and others.Involved
06 Oct 2018, 11:32Killed at level 156 by Principe Das Trevas Last Hit
and by Zastrov Most damage
Cris Ed, and others.Involved

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