Character profile of Mageoakley

Name: Mageoakley
Sex: Male
Level: 115
Vocation: Elder Druid
Achievement Points: 3
Achievement Rank: None
Last Login: 17 May 2019, 12:22 → 17 May 2019, 12:23
Residence: Yalahar
Created at: 04 Dec 2018, 22:02
Account Status: Free Premium Account

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Chequered Teddy 1
Natural Born Cowboy 1
Seasoned Adventurer 1

Date Details Show all
17 Apr 2019, 00:57Killed at level 116 by Behans Mecmec Last Hit
and by Pe Aga Most damage
hunter, bonebeast, vicious squire, hero.Involved
21 Mar 2019, 23:40Killed at level 113 by Moacir Paralisa Hard Last Hit
and by Linho Fio Grosso Most damage Unjustified
elf scout, Involved
21 Mar 2019, 22:27Killed at level 113 by Eydorian Last Hit Unjustified
and by Kiise Most damage Unjustified
24 Dec 2018, 13:50Killed at level 112 by Ryo Bakura Last Hit
and by Leowixz Most damage
amazon, Scionm, and others.Involved
15 Dec 2018, 23:43Killed at level 103 by Lorde Demonio Last Hit Unjustified
Pediu and others.Involved
14 Dec 2018, 13:32Killed at level 103 by Venancin Paralyzer Last Hit Unjustified
and a dragon lord Most damage
11 Dec 2018, 12:23Killed at level 86 by Bicabornato De Odio Last Hit Unjustified
09 Dec 2018, 23:18Killed at level 81 by a hydra Last Hit
07 Dec 2018, 14:05Killed at level 75 by Amelior Last Hit Unjustified
wyvern, bonelord.Involved
07 Dec 2018, 12:23Killed at level 75 by Leleo Last Hit