Character profile of Is The Life

Name: Is The Life
Sex: Male
Level: 109
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Achievement Points: 1
Achievement Rank: None
Last Login: 17 Jun 2019, 22:58 → 17 Jun 2019, 22:58
Residence: Yalahar
Created at: 19 Nov 2018, 17:32
Account Status: Free Premium Account


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Seasoned Adventurer 1

Death list

Date Details Show all
03 Dec 2018, 20:17Killed at level 109 by Eternal Bartz Last Hit
Squid Swallow, and others.Involved
26 Nov 2018, 14:37Killed at level 89 by Donha Last Hit
22 Nov 2018, 14:30Killed at level 81 by a giant spider Last Hit
tarantula, nightmare.Involved
20 Nov 2018, 14:21Killed at level 80 by Magezinn Last Hit Unjustified
and by Adonis Aristeu Most damage Unjustified
20 Nov 2018, 01:42Killed at level 81 by Squid Swallow Last Hit
and others.Involved
20 Nov 2018, 00:17Killed at level 59 by a bonebeast Last Hit
and by Squid Swallow Most damage
wolf, vicious squire, hunter, wyvern, poacher.Involved
20 Nov 2018, 00:06Killed at level 59 by Meyer Last Hit
Squid Swallow, and others.Involved
19 Nov 2018, 22:43Killed at level 36 by a crypt shambler Last Hit
and a zombie Most damage
ghost, gargoyle, zombie.Involved

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1. Cuca Com Linguica
2. Vbyte
3. Biruleibi Zika