Character profile of Gercontra Puncker

Name: Gercontra Puncker
Sex: Male
Level: 189
Vocation: Elder Druid
Achievement Points: 61
Achievement Rank: Novice
Last Login: 07 Dec 2018, 13:52 → 07 Dec 2018, 13:53
Residence: Roshamuul
Created at: 29 Jun 2018, 18:27
Account Status: Free Premium Account

Name Show all Grade Points
Annihilator 5
Champion of Chazorai 4
Death Song 3
Demonbane 4
Friend of the Apes 4
Godslayer 4
Greenhorn 2
High Inquisitor 5
Master of the Nexus 6
Natural Born Cowboy 1
Ruthless 5
Scrapper 3
Seasoned Adventurer 1
Si, Ariki! 1
Turncoat 4
Warlord of Svargrond 5
Wayfarer 3
Swamp Beast 1

Date Details Show all
04 Dec 2018, 21:44Killed at level 182 by Lady Flavia Last Hit
and by Minicfra Most damage
Koe Trevo, and others.Involved
03 Dec 2018, 21:50Killed at level 183 by Dodozin Rush Last Hit
and by Anex Mana Most damage
Hate and others.Involved
03 Dec 2018, 21:22Killed at level 184 by Anex Mana Last Hit
and by Dodozin Rush Most damage
Gercontra and others.Involved
01 Dec 2018, 15:59Killed at level 182 by a frazzlemaw Last Hit
and a silencer Most damage
guzzlemaw, silencer.Involved
01 Dec 2018, 14:36Killed at level 182 by a retching horror Last Hit
and a choking fear Most damage
28 Nov 2018, 21:39Killed at level 183 by Cavalinha Last Hit
and by Speed Devil Most damage
Gercontra and others.Involved
11 Sep 2018, 21:28Killed at level 174 by a demon Last Hit
mszin, warlock, witch, dark apprentice, Eastwood, and others.Involved
02 Sep 2018, 16:13Killed at level 167 by a lizard dragon priest Last Hit
and a draken spellweaver Most damage
dragon hatchling of lizard dragon priest, lizard zaogun, and others.Involved
02 Sep 2018, 13:56Killed at level 166 by a lizard zaogun Last Hit
lizard legionnaire, lizard high guard.Involved
01 Sep 2018, 12:45Killed at level 166 by Fj Stark Last Hit
Gercontra and others.Involved

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