Character profile of Feijaozao

Name: Feijaozao
Sex: Male
Level: 199
Vocation: Elder Druid
Achievement Points: 5
Achievement Rank: None
Last Login: 18 Jul 2019, 22:56 → 18 Jul 2019, 22:56
Residence: Liberty Bay
Created at: 06 Jan 2019, 02:12
Account Status: Free Premium Account


Name Show all Grade Points
Lucky Horseshoe 1
Natural Born Cowboy 1
Seasoned Adventurer 1
Si, Ariki! 1
Something's in There 1

Death list

Date Details Show all
18 Jun 2019, 01:03Killed at level 199 by a vicious squire Last Hit
and a wyvern Most damage
and others.Involved
10 Jun 2019, 02:04Killed at level 190 by Butovisk Indomavel Last Hit
Ana Pereira, and others.Involved
09 Jun 2019, 20:00Killed at level 191 by Lagzera Last Hit
and by Magaveador Most damage
Aeros, Ghostzin, and others.Involved
08 Jun 2019, 15:41Killed at level 189 by a spitter Last Hit
and a kollos Most damage
ladybug, waspoid, lesser swarmer of hive pore, swarmer.Involved
07 Jun 2019, 13:35Killed at level 190 by a spitter Last Hit
swarmer, waspoid, lesser swarmer of hive pore.Involved
03 Jun 2019, 17:26Killed at level 185 by Type Last Hit Unjustified
and by Monkey Most damage Unjustified
Sturt Little, and others.Involved
29 Mar 2019, 12:13Killed at level 171 by Maniek Hackpro Last Hit
and by Revel Presidente Most damage
Lobao Os, and others.Involved
27 Mar 2019, 20:28Killed at level 172 by Taolei Last Hit
and by Rodrigo Destemiido Most damage
vick vaporub, Involved
20 Mar 2019, 00:40Killed at level 158 by Najj Magikszy Isback Last Hit Unjustified
and by Amelior Most damage Unjustified
20 Mar 2019, 00:28Killed at level 159 by Amelior Last Hit Unjustified
buxa, Alenda, and others.Involved