Character profile of Diana Of Paladin

Name: Diana Of Paladin
Sex: Female
Level: 186
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Achievement Points: 48
Achievement Rank: None
Last Login: 21 Jan 2019, 12:46 → 21 Jan 2019, 12:56
Residence: Yalahar
Created at: 09 Jul 2018, 13:17
Account Status: Free Premium Account

Name Show all Grade Points
Annihilator 5
Aristocrat 4
Bearbaiting 1
Champion of Chazorai 4
Follower of Palimuth 4
Friend of the Apes 4
Golem in the Gears 4
Greenhorn 2
In Shining Armor 6
Little Ball of Wool 1
Mind the Dog! 2
Natural Born Cowboy 1
Ruthless 5
Scrapper 3
Seasoned Adventurer 1
Something's in There 1
Warlord of Svargrond 5

Date Details Show all
21 Nov 2018, 23:32Killed at level 186 by Cenoura Last Hit Unjustified
Daena, Mayara, and others.Involved
29 Aug 2018, 13:20Killed at level 185 by Diana Of Paladin Last Hit
gnarlhound, lizard high guard, lizard legionnaire, insect and others.Involved
21 Aug 2018, 12:07Killed at level 186 by a ghastly dragon Last Hit
lizard dragon priest, death blob, mutated rat, lizard legionnaire, and others.Involved
19 Aug 2018, 13:54Killed at level 186 by a wyrm Last Hit
13 Aug 2018, 03:14Killed at level 185 by a frazzlemaw Last Hit
matheuswk patron.Involved
10 Aug 2018, 04:12Killed at level 183 by Revel Last Hit
and by Paralizadox Most damage
Joow, valkyrie, and others.Involved
06 Aug 2018, 04:24Killed at level 176 by a lizard legionnaire Last Hit
and a lizard high guard Most damage
silencer, killer caiman, lizard high guard, orc warrior, and others.Involved
06 Aug 2018, 01:38Killed at level 177 by a rift brood Last Hit
and by Rei Dos Blacks Most damage
rift scythe.Involved
02 Aug 2018, 14:07Killed at level 172 by a frazzlemaw Last Hit
02 Aug 2018, 13:09Killed at level 172 by a hydra Last Hit
massive earth elemental, giant spider, scorpion, elephant, and others.Involved

Characters Status
1. Aragorm
2. Nfl Male