Character profile of Cha De Boldo

Name: Cha De Boldo
Sex: Male
Level: 168
Vocation: Elite Knight
Achievement Points: 23
Achievement Rank: None
Last Login: 19 May 2019, 19:31 → 19 May 2019, 19:31
Residence: Rathleton
Created at: 02 Dec 2018, 13:43
Account Status: Free Premium Account

Name Show all Grade Points
Annihilator 5
Chorister 1
Greenhorn 2
Matchmaker 1
Ruthless 5
Scrapper 3
Seasoned Adventurer 1
Warlord of Svargrond 5

Date Details Show all
02 Apr 2019, 14:08Killed at level 169 by a retching horror Last Hit
and by Marijuana Sio Most damage
Lir Dops, and others.Involved
29 Jan 2019, 11:51Killed at level 155 by a spidris Last Hit
waspoid, spitter, kollos, swarmer.Involved
26 Dec 2018, 15:45Killed at level 136 by Trippie Redd Last Hit
and by Guidania Most damage
Ue Hs, werebear, and others.Involved
25 Dec 2018, 02:38Killed at level 133 by a hellspawn Last Hit
and by Sux Rulex Most damage
spit nettle, midnight asura, hunter, Involved
23 Dec 2018, 18:08Killed at level 130 by a hero Last Hit
vile grandmaster, ghost, vicious squire, poacher.Involved
19 Dec 2018, 22:14Killed at level 117 by Obba Tekashi Last Hit Unjustified
insectoid worker, spidris elite, spitter, kollos, crawler, and others.Involved
07 Dec 2018, 22:11Killed at level 91 by a werebadger Last Hit
and by Azul Most damage
Kyrla, Involved
02 Dec 2018, 16:25Killed at level 42 by Freak Last Hit Unjustified
02 Dec 2018, 13:55Killed at level 6 by a rat Last Hit

Characters Status
1. Guided
2. Anvi